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Meet Barbara Lynch

Meet Barbara Lynch

At Eataly Boston, we are thrilled to work with award-winning chef and restaurateur Barbara Lynch.

As CEO of Barbara Lynch Gruppo, a group of seven acclaimed restaurants, Barbara is considered one of the preeminent chefs and restaurateurs in Boston and across the U.S. Her experience and connection to local fish culture make Barbara the ideal chef collaborator at Il Pesce, our seafood-centric restaurant in the store dedicated to the sea and its food.

In addition to curating the menus at Il Pesce and the connected raw bar, Il Crudo, Barbara will also teach a selection of the classes at La Scuola di Valcucine. Our cooking school will offer a variety of classes and events, each giving a unique culinary experience to customers, led by in-house experts, producers, and celebrated guest chefs such as Barbara.

“We are so excited to have Chef Barbara aboard,” said Eataly USA CEO Nicola Farinetti. “Barbara is so knowledgeable of local seafood and fish. When we first decided to open Eataly Boston, Barbara's passion for Italian cuisine and tradition, as well as her deep connection with the city, made her the perfect fit for us.”

Pesce Fish

The menu at Il Pesce emphasizes the freshness and quality of the seafood, caught daily from the coast of Maine down to Rhode Island. Diners will experience oysters, swordfish, and squid from Massachusetts, halibut from Maine, and black sea bass from Rhode Island. To source this selection and support local fishing communities, we have partnered with the best purveyors who work directly with day-boat, troller, long-liner, and harpoon fishermen.

Seasonality and traceability are top priorities for Nicola, who explained: “The majority of our seafood can be traced down to the dock. We buy everything as locally as possible when in season, then we follow the fish down the coast as cooler temperature sets in. We believe eating what is seasonal and abundant simply tastes better.”

barbara lynch

Taste Barbara Lynch's cuisine for yourself at Il Pesce!