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Meet Baladin Brewery

Meet Baladin Brewery

Ask most people what they'd expect to drink in Italy, and they'll likely tell you wine. Despite having grown up in a winemaking family in Piemonte, Teo Musso had something else in mind when he set out to start his own business: Italian craft beer.


In 1996 the visionary entrepreneur Teo Musso defied his destiny of the vineyard and founded Baladin, the very first Italian brewery to offer microbrews. Prior to that, the concept of Baladin was born in 1986 with the opening of a simple bar called Le Baladin in Musso's hometown of Piozzo, a tiny village in the Langhe area, not far from Torino. The pub featured interesting and exotic brews from around the world, but at the time it didn't make any beers of its own.

Eventually, Musso started to experiment with creating his own brews. After taking time to study Belgian microbrewing techniques abroad, he decided to test out his creations with his regular bar customers. One brew lead to another, and soon enough Baladin beer had a loyal fan base!

Today, Baladin is synonymous to Italian craft beer. In French, Baladin means "wandering entertainer" which perfectly describes the brewery's reputation for producing unusual and interesting beers. Designed to be paired with food, their brews demonstrate a sense of experimentation and creativity through the use of herbs, spices, and rare grains. In fact, Baladin was the first microbrewery to create a beer made entirely of Italian ingredients.

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Dedicated to being a self-sustaining business, Baladin has established its own farms so as to provide as many ingredients as possible for the production of its beer. Indeed, Baladin is a sort of farmer brewery, constantly striving to conserve energy in as many areas as possible and use the cleanest forms of energy available through the form of rooftop solar panels. It’s no wonder that the founder Teo Musso has been exclaiming his message of “Because Beer is Earth!” everywhere he goes.

While Musso has kept the original Le Baladin pub in his hometown, the company has expanded to other cities throughout Italy and the world. In 2017 he opened the Baladin Open Garden, the foundation of a new brewery and a place designed to share and discover the connection between nature, farming, and craft beer. Every Sunday, guests can visit the production area and enjoy good beer and good food. Baladin has also set up setting up many other brewpubs and distributes their unique beers to retailers and restaurants everywhere.

And, of course, Eataly is among them!


Baladin beers are complex, entirely fermented in the bottle, and never pasteurized.

Notable brews include Nazionale, Super, and Isaac. Nazionale was the first Italian beer made with 100% Italian ingredients, including two Italian spices: bergamot and coriander from Calabria. The water is sourced from the Alps, while the barley malt and hops used are from the brewery's own fields in Basilicata, Piemonte, and Marche. It’s a simple, highly drinkable craft brew that boasts notes of citrus, thanks to the addition of bergamot. Its versatility makes it a great beer for pairing at the table, too!

Their first Italian craft bottled beers were Super and Isaac. A pure malt, Super was inspired by the Abbey beers made by Belgian monks. At first, it smells of tropical fruit and banana, while the aftertaste is reminiscent of dried fruit and almonds. On the other hand, Isaac is a wheat and spiced beer, inspired to the “Blanche” Belgian style, offering a refreshing blend of coriander and peeled oranges notes.

And many, many more! Baladin offers more than 30 different brews. Staying to true to its name as a "wandering entertainer,” the brewery is constantly inventing new flavors and blends.

Ready to get a taste? Try Baladin brews at our restaurants and pick up a few bottles of your own from our wine shop! Baladin beers are currently offered on tap at Manzo in NYC, Terra in Boston, and Birreria in Chicago. Find your local Eataly and ask our servers about what we’re pouring!