Auguri, Eataly New York!

Auguri, Eataly New York!

On August 31, Eataly and our loyal patrons celebrated our fifth birthday in New York City with the grand unveiling of an enormous, edible work of art: the long-awaited birthday cake. 

Five years ago, Eataly was already a successful company with locations throughout Italy and Japan. However, our name was not yet known in the United States, and nothing like us existed. Were Americans ready for our unique marketplace with restaurants and a cooking school? When our first North American store opened our doors in the celebrated Flatiron District on August 31, 2010, our questions were answered by a line of guests around the block. As hundreds of New Yorkers streamed past us, we knew that we were here to stay.

As they have every day since, Eataly guests tasted, shopped, and immersed themselves in all things Italian food and drink. Among the revelers was Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who joined our American and Italian partners as they cut the opening pasta ribbon.

ribbon cutting cute mario face

The U.S. has continued to treat Eataly well. We opened in Chicago only three years after New York (Eataly Chicago fans, stay tuned for our second birthday in December!), and additional locations in L.A., Boston, and New York's World Trade Center are on the way.

Every year, we remember our roots by celebrating the anniversary of our first American store with a masterpiece of a birthday cake, designed and painstakingly crafted by Eataly USA Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu and her five-person pastry team. And every year, they outdo themselves, revealing an incredible, delicious work of art that is carefully kept secret from all until the day of the birthday (Eataly Magazine editors included!).


This year was no different. After weeks of speculation, hundreds of Eataly employees and fans alike gathered in La Piazza for the grand unveiling. We were not disappointed.

Standing at nearly three feet tall, the 300-pound chocolate cake was shaped like every Eatalian's dream refrigerator: overflowing with Italian butter, New York eggs, and more. The pièce de résistance: a tiny birthday cake with five candles placed in front. Everything was delicious, down to the Eataly insignia.


"We wanted the fridge to be full of the best of everything from Italy and New York," Chef Katia said.

As the crowd watched hungrily, each member of the pastry team placed their own designed edible magnets, from a piece of pizza to the Empire State Building. After the candles were blown out, the pastry team sliced up the cake for guests to enjoy.

And so, cake served, Chef Katia and company returned to the pastry kitchen, ready to plan for year six.

Eataly exterior

Tanti auguri, Eataly NYC Flatiron!