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Meet Frescobaldi

Meet Frescobaldi

Diversity, quality, Tuscan: meet Frescobaldi.

For nearly 30 generations, the Frescobaldi family has been pioneering the production of wine in Toscana. They're one of the oldest winemaking families in Italy and are world famous for their collection of diverse estates throughout the Tuscan region. The result? Wines with a unique taste of terroir and distinct personalities.

Get to know this truly unique winery below and learn how you can get a taste at Eataly!


The story of Frescobaldi began over 700 years ago in medieval Firenze. At this time, the Frescobaldi family members were noble Florentine bankers. Throughout the following decades, they began to spread their wealth and influence throughout Italy and Europe. During the Renaissance, the powerful family even earned the treasures of the English crown and became patrons of important works of art and architectural structures in Firenze.

In 1308 the family began their journey as a notable Tuscan wine producer. It didn't take long for their wine to become popular and develop a notable client base. Legend has it that the family would trade their wine in exchange for paintings with the Italian Renaissance artist, Michelangelo. Records also show that they supplied wine to English King Henry VIII.

Many years later, the Frescobaldi family played an important role in pioneering modern wine production in Toscana. In 1855, they assisted with introducing new wine varietals, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Merlot, to the region.

Today, Frescobaldi continues to celebrate its Tuscan origins through the family's various wine estates located in the some of the most important viticulture areas of the region.



Frescobaldi owns six estates throughout Toscana: Nipozzano, CastelGiocondo, Pomino, Ammiraglia, Castiglioni, and Remole. The estates are located in some of the top wine-producing territories of the region, such as Chianti and Montalcino, known for their prestigious DOCG, DOC, and IGT status.

Recently, Frescobaldi has expanded its estate collection to the northern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. They currently have five Friulan estates: Ornellaia, Masseto, Luce della Vite, Danzante, and Attems. While these vineyards produce very different wine varietals from their Tuscan counterparts (think: Ribolla Gialla and Sauvignon Blanc), the passion for quality and respecting the land remains the same.

The wines made by each of these estates reflect the unique characteristics of the area they are produced in, bearing testimony to the fact that no wine is exactly the same!



With vineyards in so many different areas of Toscana and Friuli Venezia Giulia, it's no surprise that Frescobaldi's wine portfolio is incredibly diverse.

Notable wines from Toscana include their Nippozzano Chianti and Castelgiocando Brunello di Montalcino, both classic Tuscan reds. Produced since 1300, the Tenuta Frescobaldi in Castiglione is one of their most iconic wines. It carries a sweet and fruity bouquet with a soft and round finish.

Other wines are more innovative, made with lesser-known grape varietals. The Pomino Bianco is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco and comes from one of the greatest white wine areas in Toscana. A balanced blend of Syrah and Vermentino grapes, the Aliè (a rosé wine) carries scents of spring wildflowers and an earthy minerality typical of Toscana.

Frescobaldi Winery


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