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Part I: This Summer, Explore Italy thorough Eataly!

Part I: This Summer, Explore Italy thorough Eataly!



No vacation plans? No problem! Join Eataly on a trip through Italy this summer — from nord a sud! We’ll start in Liguria on Italy’s West coast, making our way through the entire country all the way down to the Egadi Islands off of Sicily, with bites to eat at every stop!

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Starting with the basics brings us to Liguria. At the heart of all great Italian recipes is a rich and complex extra virgin olive oil. Known for its famous Taggiasca olive trees, Liguria has been producing olive oil for centuries. The Taggiasca olives produce a fruity and fragrant olive oil with subtle nutty notes. This olive oil is best for fresh seafood and vegetables, since it is delicate enough to not overpower natural flavors. Add a Ligurian olive oil to your pantry this summer, and bring flavor and depth to all your meals!




Let's head east to the coast of the Emilia-Romagna region for a piadina! The warm round flatbread is the perfect customizable vessel for your midday snack. Made with just a few key ingredients, the flatbread is simple enough to let its fillings shine. Build your piadina with all your favorite fixings — like prosciutto, arugula, and stracchino cheese. This staple from Costa Romagnola is simple enough to be recreated from wherever you are this summer.




Before we travel south, let’s soak up more of what the Emilia-Romagna region has to offer. The small city of Vignola produces sweet cherries to be enjoyed as they are, or in jams and liqueurs. With different varieties for a range of tastes, everyone is sure to find the right Vignola cherries to suit their preferences. The famed stone fruit of Vignola has a dark color with a sweet and juicy taste. Enjoy them with your dessert after soaking them in alcohol, or in a delicious cherry jam.




Our next stop is Rome, Italy’s capital city! Try Pizza alla Pala for the true Roman experience. Colossal in size, this traditional Roman pizza is served on a wooden paddle, or pala. Compared to a thin crust pizza Napoletana, this Roman style pizza is thick and fluffy with a crisp exterior. Let our pizzaioli serve you up one or two of these irresistible slices at Pizza Alla Pala — our very own Roman pizza take-away counter! 




We can’t travel through Italy without trying some pasta! Gragnano, a city outside of Naples in the Campania region, has some of Italy’s finest dried pasta thanks to its unique microclimate. This “white gold,” as the Gragnano locals refer to their pasta as, definitely lives up to its name. The European Union has given Pasta di Gragnano the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition, meaning that a pastaio, or pasta maker, must ensure that the pasta meets several requirements before using the name Pasta di Gragnano. This pasta remains the star of the show in any dish — not simply an accompaniment to a sauce. Pick up a bag of Pasta di Gragnano in our marketplace, or try it for yourself in one of our restaurants!




Our last stop brings us to the Egadi Islands off of Sicily. As you may imagine, this coastal location is home to generations upon generations of fishermen — specifically tonneroti, or tuna fishermen. Tonneroti stationed off the coast of the peninsula wait patiently for the tuna to arrive each year from the Strait of Gibraltar to begin the hunt, also known as la mattanza. From there the tuna is shipped across the world in different forms: in Japan it will be served as sashimi, Americans will unbox tins of tuna in olive oil, and here at Eataly, we enjoy it in dishes like spaghetti al tonno! Try a taste of tradition and hard work with Sicilian tuna from the Egadi Islands.



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