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Meet Emilio Cavallini

Meet Emilio Cavallini

Toscana is a feast for the senses. On one cobblestone street corner, you can stumble upon a stunning Renaissance palazzo that serves fresh handmade pasta and rich wine among elaborately frescoed walls — a true union. Food makes art better; art makes food better.

Thus inspired, we have dedicated our stores to Tuscan artists and artisans this spring. In New York City, in collaboration with the local GR Gallery, we have installed the original works of Firenze-based artist Emilio Cavallini, so you can enjoy modern Tuscan work alongside modern Tuscan cuisine.

Cavallini uses unconventional art materials borrowed from the fashion world, such as nylon fabric. The artist plays with mathematical and geometrical theories reflected in the titles of his works, such as "Linear Fractal - Black" or "Optical Checkboard."

Throughout his creatively innovative career, Emilio Cavallini has seamlessly weaved fashion and fine art together, two worlds that have in turn benefited greatly from his contributions. Beginning in 1970 with his founding of Stilnovo, a fashion company that has made a lasting effect on the textile industry, Cavallini unleashed his creative expression with thread, printed fabrics, and textiles through his art as well as through his journey in the fashion world.


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