Eataly Opens in South America

Eataly Opens in South America

On May 19, 2015, we welcomed our first South American location when Eataly São Paulo opened its doors. Modeled after the first location in Torino, Italy,  Eataly São Paulo reflects our company's basic philosophy: be a place where guests can eat, shop, and learn about high-quality food and drink.

Overflowing with products spread over 50,000 square feet, the three-story marketplace is accented with seven restaurants, two cafes, a variety of counters, and a cooking school. Guests are invited to taste dishes and drinks, shop high-quality products, and learn new culinary techniques. The themed restaurants include Il Crudo, La Carne, Le Verdure, La Piazza, Il Pesce, and La Pizza e La Pasta – familiar to those who have visited Eataly in New York and Chicago – in addition to Brace Bar e Griglia, a restaurant exclusive to São Paulo. The market features both local and Italian artisanal food and drink: our experts carefully sourced high-quality products from small-scale farmers across the regions of Brazil. As one of Eataly’s fundamental pillars is education, Eataly São Paulo also includes La Scuola, a cooking school where food enthusiasts can take classes, enjoy tastings, and meet local producers.


Like its fellow Eatalys across the world, Eataly São Paulo is dedicated to a unique cause: the welcome of Brazilian and Italian immigrants. This Eataly is a collaboration between Eataly Italy; the B & B Hospitality Group; brothers and businessmen Alex and Adam Saper; and St. Marche, a Brazilian group that operates the local Supermercardos St. Marche and the Santa Maria Emporium.

“The city of São Paulo already has a strong gastronomic culture. We are very excited about this new store, which will further contribute to the rich culinary culture of this country,” said Oscar Farinetti, Eataly’s founder. “The design of this store is beautiful, and we expect it to become a favorite destination for everyone: São Paulo locals, tourists, and lovers of Italian cuisine and culture.”

Bernardo Ouro Preto and Victor Leal, of the group St. Marche, are also delighted about Eataly São Paulo, agreeing that this partnership is not only a business collaboration but also one of shared passion.


Benvenuta, Eataly São Paulo: welcome!