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Eataly San Babila Reopens

Eataly San Babila Reopens

With great fanfare and better cake, Eataly San Babila reopened its doors to a newly renovated store dedicated to culinary excellence in Milan on March 12, 2015.

Expanded within the spacious Brian & Barry Building, Eataly San Babila now comprises an entire floor where guests can eat, shop, and learn as they explore the marketplace of high-quality artisanal products; to-go counters and cafes; and restaurants, where chefs transform simple ingredients into delicious dishes before your eyes.

Dining options include La Pizza & La Pasta in collaboration with Rossopomodoro (familiar to those who have visited Eataly in New York and Chicago); La Piadineria, a flatbread sandwich counter in collaboration with Fratelli Maioli; and L’Hamburgheria di Eataly, which offers American-style hamburgers with the best-quality Italian ingredients.

San Babila is the second Eataly in Milan, joining Eataly Smeraldo, which opened in March 2014. Like each Eataly across the world, the two stores are unique: the four-story Eataly Smeraldo stays true to the building’s origins as a theater by featuring live music, while the more compact Eataly San Babila fits in perfectly with the bustling central area of Milan that it calls home.


Bentornata, Eataly San Babila: welcome back!