The Grand Opening of Eataly Seoul

The Grand Opening of Eataly Seoul

With great fanfare and better food, Eataly opened our first store in South Korea on August 21, 2015. Eataly Seoul reflects our company’s basic philosophy: be a place where you can eat, shop, and learn about high-quality food and drink.

The marketplace is located on the spacious first floor of Hyundai, an enormous high-end department store. Hyundai has set itself apart in the beautiful city of Seoul with its emphasis on food and diverse educational options for families, making Eataly the perfect fit.

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Overflowing with products spread over 21,000 square feet, Eataly Seoul is accented with a café, take-away counters, and restaurants. The market features both local and Italian food and drink: our experts carefully sourced high-quality products from small-scale farmers in South Korea, which are offered along with the artisanal Italian products we love.

In a format that those familiar with Eataly in New York and Chicago may recognize, guests taste our chefs’ regional Italian dishes in the restaurants, shop for the same ingredients offered in the marketplace, and discover how to recreate them at home with recommended recipes and workshops.

Eataly Seoul joins our Asian locations in Japan, Dubai, and Istanbul, in addition to our extra-continental stores in Italy, Brazil, and the United States.

Benvenuta, Eataly Seoul: welcome!


Where will Eataly open next? Stay tuned with Eataly Magazine!