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Meet Ponti

Meet Ponti

Giovanni Ponti, known to his friends and family in local dialect as "Giuanin d'la Asei" ("Johnny of the Vinegar," kind of like an Italian vinegarized Johnny Appleseed), started making his own balsamic vinegar in 1867 in his home region of Piemonte.

Word quickly spread of his traditional, high-quality vinegars. Giovanni's son, Antonio, joined him, learned the craft, and helped grow the business. By 1911, under Antonio's leadership, Ponti was awarded a "Diploma of Honour" for wine and vinegar at the International Exhibition in Paris, launching Ponti into the international market.

Flash forward to 1939: Antonio and his son Guido — that's right, we've reached three generations of Ponti! — began the production of preserving freshly-harvested vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, combining the (relatively) newer machines with time-honored production methods.

Over the next decades, more Ponti generations joined the family business, where they grew up immersed in the tradition, learning the trade and values. They continued expanding, diversifying, and receiving more awards.

Today, 150 years after Giovanni's first bottle of vinegar sold, the fifth generation of Ponti holds the same impeccable taste and high standards to produce the brand’s renowned balsamic vinegars, in addition to their line of high-quality sauces, preserved vegetables, condiments, and much more. This dedication to quality is evident: Ponti is a staple. Open a pantry in Italy, and you'll find more than one vinegar, pesto, or jar of artichokes in olive oil. And once you taste it, you'll understand why!

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