Meet Mulino Bianco

Meet Mulino Bianco

Open the pantry in nearly every Italian home, and you will likely find a bag (or three) of cookies by Mulino Bianco. According to the iconic brand, Italy consumes more biscotti than the U.S. Judging by our habit of dunking the crunchy treats into our morning cappuccino for breakfast and espresso macchiato for an afternoon snack, this sounds about right.

Founded in Emilia-Romagna in 1974, Mulino Bianco is the voice of Italian tradition shared across the world with their line of sweet products. Formed into a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors, Mulino Bianco’s cookies, crackers, and bars are in homes across Italy. From the milk-and-honey Rigoli to the star-studded Pan di Stelle, the treats add a sweet but wholesome twist to a meal or snack, at home or on the go.

The bakery’s recipes honor the past in the present, as shown by its namesake white windmill. The wholesome symbol represents respect for the Italian countryside, recipes passed on from the nonna, and simple, quality ingredients.

Ultimately, Mulino Bianco dreams of cultivating a better world through their products. For years, their experts have worked to find the best balance of quality, flavor, authenticity, nutritional value, and worker safety. Each phase of production, from harvesting prime ingredients to packaging with recycled paper, is carefully controlled for the best outcome for everyone: the farmers, animals, employees, and customers. The result is a cookie that is as good for the world as it tastes.

Mulino Bianco cookies in a row

Get a taste of Mulino Bianco! Explore their cookies and snacks online or find your local Eataly to shop in-store.