Coffee for Nepal

Coffee for Nepal

In an effort to help the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal, Eataly launched “Coffee for Nepal” on Tuesday, May 19: a one-day fundraiser that corresponds with the opening of Eataly São Paulo in Brazil.

From Chicago and New York in the U.S. to Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, guests of every Eataly across the world will be able to contribute to this cause through a simple daily Italian tradition: coffee.

On Tuesday, May 19, every single coffee ordered in every single Eataly benefited the people devastated by the earthquakes in Nepal.

Logo AGIRE onlusEataly Global will donate 100% of Tuesday’s coffee proceeds to AGIRE (Agenzia Italiana per la Risposta alle Emergenze, or Italian Agency for Emergency Response that means “ACT” in English), an emergency response network that comprises 10 non-governmental organizations in Italy. The network allows the NGOs’ resources to be optimized rather than duplicating efforts. At this point, their shared goal is to respond to the Nepalese people’s most immediate needs: water, food, shelter for homeless families, and medical assistance in the areas where the impact of the earthquakes was felt the most. Learn more about AGIRE’s plans to aid Nepal here.

As soon as it was proposed, “Coffee for Nepal” received immediate support from Eataly’s coffee partners, Lavazza, Illy, Caffè Vergnano, and Pausa Cafè, who provide their high-quality coffee to guests of the Eataly locations across the world. The initiative also applies to the five coffee bars in Eataly’s pavilion at EXPO 2015, this year’s world’s fair in Milano, Italy.

“Nepal’s tragedy has profoundly struck us,” said Francesco Farinetti, son of Eataly’s founder Oscar Farinetti. “We have decided to coordinate a one-day benefit with AGIRE for all of the Eatalys in Italy and in the world. In collaboration with Lavazza, Illy, Caffè Vergnano, and Pausa Cafè, we donated all proceeds from every Eataly’s coffee sales on Tuesday, May 19, to AGIRE.”

On Tuesday, May 19, every Eataly across the world donated 100% of the day's coffee proceeds to benefit the victims of the earthquakes in Nepal.


“Coffee for Nepal” at Eataly made our Tuesday coffee that much better.

Grazie per l'aiuto!