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Toast the Barrel Room

Toast the Barrel Room

Fans of Eataly Boston may think they have fully explored the ins and outs of our store — but not so fast. 

That's right. There's more.

On the third floor, you will find the Barrel Room, a unique space dedicated to wine and barrel-aged beer. The room is lined with floor-to-ceiling rows of repurposed oak wine barrels filled with craft beers — a crossroads for wine and beer. Overlooking our restaurant Terra, the Barrel Room's beer aging program is heading into its second year!

“This program is aimed at giving patrons a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” explained Nicola Farinetti, our CEO at Eataly USA. “Each drink coming out of the barrels will be unique in its essence. You won’t be able to drink another beer like the one you’ll have anywhere else, nor twice in your life. Not even at our own restaurant one month later.”


The Barrel Room showcases 15 barrel treatments of wood-aged draft beer, adding an amazing beer dimension to the extensive wine list (think: more than 300 labels). Each season, three different beers are aged in five different wine barrels. As the beer matures, our beverage experts tailor the levels of carbonation and nitrogen with a patented nitro draft system, Rack AeriAle, designed by AC Beverage and Dogfish Head.

The beer aging program features blends by the “Birreria Brothers” — our brewing partners at NYC Flatiron and Chicago — Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Teo Musso of Birrificio Baladin. In fact, Calagione and Farinetti collaborated on the first barrel-aged beer of the program. A true wine-beer hybrid, the Siracusa Nera is an Imperial Stout brewed with an Italian Syrah grape, aged in American oak foudre barrels, and finished in oak barrels at Eataly.

“As a craft beer maker and drinker, I am excited for the opening of Eataly Boston and specifically Terra; they will feature an epic lineup of American and Italian craft beers and a unique and beautiful nitro pouring system to boot,” said Calagione.

Ready to dive into the Barrel Room? The full selection of barrel-aged beers and wines a available at Terra; book your table!

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