5 Recipes for Valentine's Day Dinner

5 Recipes for Valentine's Day Dinner

We're all about celebrating love on Valentine's Day – the love of great food, that is. Given that the patron saint of love lived in Roma in the third century, it's only fitting that we come up with a romantic Italian menu for la festa di San Valentino. With a little planning ahead, you can create a memorable dinner to celebrate l'amore with the one you love (or to indulge in on your own – who are we to judge?).


As we say in Italian, l'appetito vien mangiando – eating awakens the appetite! Start your meal with an aperitivo to "open" your palate. Our pick? Trade your everyday bubbly for a glass of Ferrari Brut Trentodoc. This lesser-known bollicine hails from Trentino, a mountainous region in northern Italy, and is made with 100% Chardonnay grapes. With a lively, straw yellow color, a fresh and fruity nose, it's the perfect way to set the mood.

It wouldn't be aperitivo, of course, without a few stuzzichini (nibbles): pair your vino with an antipasto board of prosciutto crudo, Parmigiano Reggiano® DOP, olives, and even honey. Looking for tips? Check out our guide to building the perfect antipasto platter.

Ferrari Brut Trentodoc sparkling wine


Once you've warmed up with a glass of vino, mark the official start to your feast with the ultimate indulgence: sustainable caviar from Calvisius in Lombardia. The buttery pearls are the ultimate delicacy, whether savored simply or as part of a more dressed-up plate. Because of its signature salty yet delicate taste, caviar makes a wonderful antipasto. Spread on unsalted crackers, buttered toast, or small blini with creme fraiche. Or, for the caviar-curious, get our full guide to serving caviar and go to town!

Summer Black Truffle Eataly Los Angeles


Caviar might set the bar high, but a truffle-infused plate of tagliatelle al tartufo will only raise it further. These earthy, aromatic tubers are called the "diamond of the kitchen" (what could be more romantic than that?) and are best enjoyed with a rich and silky egg pasta. Shave fresh tartufo nero pregiato (black winter truffle) into a simple butter sauce and toss with your pasta. (By the way, we can take one step off your plate: you can find truffle butter at your local Eataly.)

Bistecca alla fiorentina


There's nothing quite so luxurious as a multi-course feast, and Valentine's Day is just the moment to add on a secondo piatto to stretch out the romantic evening. This classic pairing of bistecca alla fiorentina and Chianti Classico DOCG brings you to the heart of Firenze (after all, it is one of Italy's most romantic cities). Once again, simplicity takes the stage: this recipe calls for just five ingredients, so the higher the quality of your meat, the better. Elevate this dish with a dry-aged cut for an extra tender and flavorful result; the aging process helps to concentrate the meat's flavor.

love letter pastries amarena cherries


To finish things off with something sweet, try your hand at Lettere d'AmoreThe aptly named "love letters" feature flaky filo dough, creamy ricotta, and sweet-tart Amarena cherries from Fabbri – an irresistible dolce that will be the cherry-on-top to your romantic feast.

Find all the ingredients to make your Valentine's Day dinner at your local Eataly or shop onlineBuon appetito!