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Our Top Five Tomato Recipes

Our Top Five Tomato Recipes

The words "Italian" and "tomatoes" go together like...well, pasta and sauce. And when peak pomodoro season hits, we can't get enough of summer's best produce. Read on for five quintessential Italian tomato recipes.

As with most high-quality summer produce, the best way to take advantage of your raw ingredients is to let them speak for themselves. In true and authentic Italian style, simplicity takes the stage with these fresh, seasonal dishes. Choose a selection of ripe tomatoes from your local Eataly market and give one (or more) of our top five tomato recipes a try.

Panzanella, a Tuscan bread salad from Eataly


Panzanella is a bread salad with origins in Toscana, and a classic example of the cucina povera concept of never letting food go to waste. The original recipe calls for stale bread, revitalized with a quick soak in olive oil and vinegar (and, naturally, the juices from ripe tomatoes). You don't necessarily need stale bread to throw this salad together – just toast up hunks of crusty bread like our Rustic Classico in the oven to dry them out, toss with a variety of your favorite tomato varieties and fresh seasonal produce, and you've got dinner ready in ten minutes or less.



How much do we love insalata caprese? Well, you might say we pledge allegiance to the red, white, and green on a daily basis every summer. The key to a heavenly Caprese lies in the quality of the ingredients. Look for juicy, sun-ripened tomatoes; creamy, freshly-made mozzarella; bright, fragrant basil; and flavorful olive oil from your favorite Italian region.

tomato bruschetta


Show off your Italian (leave all doubt behind – this dish is pronounced broo-skeh-tah) and summer cooking skills in fifteen minutes or less with this satisfying antipasto. Basic bruschetta is as simple a dish as they come, made with a toasted slice of rustic, hardy bread rubbed with fresh garlic, fresh diced tomatoes, then drizzled with olive oil and dusted with salt and pepper. For an especially flavorful result, use fresh tomatoes at peak ripeness, then drain out most of the water so that your bread doesn’t get too soggy (check our recipe for this time-tested technique).

Italian pasta salad with fusilli


With their naturally sweet flavor and perfectly bite-sized shape, it seems like cherry tomatoes were made for pasta salads. Literally translating to "cold fusilli," this Sicilian recipe is a refreshing way to enjoy pasta in the summer, not to mention an easy dish to take on the go (think: no need to reheat at work). While this dish is typically served with raw tuna, you can easily swap in a high-quality tuna in olive oil.  

Spaghetti al Pomodoro


How could we miss the most iconic Italian recipe of them all? Made with just a few simple ingredients, nothing brings to mind "Italian food" more than spaghetto al pomodoro. Our chefs spent months perfecting this recipe with ingredients from our marketplace, selecting high-quality ingredients that are the stars of the plate. The best part? This is a recipe you can enjoy all year long – even after tomato season is through!


And – just because we love our pomodori so much – take this extra easy to go: slice a ripe tomato (choose a juicy heirloom for flavor), drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, and add a sprinkle of salt. The salt helps drive out the water in the tomatoes, making the flavor more concentrated, while the fats in the olive oil balance out the acid of the fruit. When tomato season hits, there’s nothing quite as satisfying.

Pick your favorite new recipe to try and start showing your table some pomodoro love!  Shop the fresh ingredients at your local Eataly and stock your pantry with Italian tomatoes all year long when you shop online.