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Sale Recipe: Pasta al Pesto

Sale Recipe: Pasta al Pesto
  • coursePrimo piatto
  • difficultyEasy
  • preparation time30 minutes

At Eataly, we encourage you to cook at home. Donning the apron need not take hours, though – especially with this simple, quality recipe for pesto pasta.

In Ligurian dialect, pestâ means “crush.” Pesto, originating in Liguria's port city Genova, is typically comprised of freshly-crushed basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, sea salt, and garlic. The versatile sauce pairs well with a variety of pasta, from fellow Ligurian trofie (twisted spiral-shaped pasta) to linguine (long flat strands named for the "little tongues" that they resemble).

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Pasta al Pesto (Pesto Pasta)
Recipe courtesy of Eataly

Yield: 4 servings

1 (17.6-ounce package) pasta, such as linguine by Rigorosa ($4.80 $2 at Eataly)*
1 (7.1-ounce jar) pesto, such as Ligurian Pesto by Niasca Portofino ($8.80 $8.96 at Eataly)*
Extra virgin olive oil, to taste
Sea salt, to taste

Bring 6 quarts of water to a boil, and add enough salt to make it as salty as the sea.

Meanwhile, place the pesto in a sauté pan, and place over medium heat. Toss to combine, and add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Cook the pasta in the boiling water until almost al dente, and drain, reserving 1 cup of the cooking water.

Add the pasta to the pesto in the sauté pan and place over medium heat. Cook for 1-2 more minutes, tossing to combine, and add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. If needed, add a small amount of the pasta cooking water to thin the pesto.

When the pasta is completely with the warmed pesto, place the dish into a warmed serving dish, and serve.

Buon appetito!


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