Callipo in Three Courses

Callipo in Three Courses

In the hotter months of summer, tuna becomes a staple of Italian cuisine: the rich and oily flavors beckon one's mind to a seaside getaway (even if they're still working in the office).

Here at Eataly, our tuna of choice is Callipo, a family-owned company that has sourced premium-quality yellow-fin tuna since 1913. Well known across Italy as a leading producer of Mediterranean tuna and other seafood products, the company's origins lie in the Italian region of Calabria, located at the southernmost tip of the Italian peninsula. Enjoy these quick and simple recipes that will transport you to the Mediterranean at first bite.




Makes approximately 20 pieces

  •  200 g type 00 flour
  •  200 g water
  •  10 g brewer’s yeast in cubes
  •  1 pinch of salt
  •  130 g Callipo Tuna Fillets in olive oil
  •  50g Tropea red onion
  •  Oil for frying, as required

    In a bowl, melt your brewer’s yeast with slightly warm water, incorporate the flour and shape a soft dough. Add salt, drained Callipo Tuna, and roughly chopped Tropea red onion. Cover the bowl with a film and leave the dough to rise in a protected place for at least 1 hour.

    Heat the oil in a high-rim pot then scoop the dough into 1.5 inch balls with a spoon.

    Cook the doughnuts for a few minutes by turning on both sides. After draining all exceeding oil, hot zeppoline can be served.


callipo pasta con tonno


  • 400 g of pasta
  •  1 carrot
  •  1 stick of celery
  •  1 onion
  •  5 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
  •  250 g Callipo Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil
  •  ½ glass of white wine
  •  250 g tomato passata

    Mince your carrot, celery, and onion and put them in a pan with oil on low heat for half an hour. Add water if needed.  

    Incorporate drained tuna fillets and simmer with white wine: allow the alcohol to evaporate, add tomato passata and cook for approximately 40/45 minutes. Choose a short-cut pasta format, cook “al dente,” mix together, and season.


polpette di tonno


For the meatballs: 

  • 200 g of minced beef meat
  •  200 g stale bread
  •  1 yolk
  •  2 spoons of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP
  •  1 pinch of salt
  •  1 handful of pinenuts
    For a light broth:
  •  1 stick of celery
  •  1 carrot
  •  half an onion
  •  salt
    For the sugo:
  •  200 g of drained Callipo Tuna Chunks in olive oil
  •  1 fillet of anchovy in oil
  • salted capers (well cleaned by salt)
  •  3-4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
  •  lemon juice

    In a mixing bowl, soak the day-old bread in water. Once softened, squeeze each piece to wring out the water.

    Knead bread with meat, yolk, parmesan, salt, and pine nuts. With wet hands, shape balls of your preferred size.

    In the meantime, combine 2 liters of water with your celery, carrot, and onion. Bring to boil, add salt, and cook for at least 30 minutes. Drop your meatballs in and put them in a bowl once cooked.  The cooking time will depend on the size you choose to make them, but they should achieve a light-brown color when fully cooked.

    Put all your ingredients for the sauce in a blender, and blend until the contents attain a smooth, creamy consistency. Should the sauce be too dense, add a bit of broth. Season and allow to cool, as they are meant to be served at room temperature.