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Our Top 7 Summer Cocktail Recipes

Our Top 7 Summer Cocktail Recipes

The changing of seasons calls for a freshening up of our favorite cocktail lists, amici! That's why our beverage experts have put together a shortlist of the most thirst-quenching, palate-pleasing, simple summer beverages (be they, stirred, shaken, or strained)! Whether you're attending a get-together or planning a getaway, we think you'll want to bring these cocktails along.  

Our Top 7 Summer Cocktails

Start the season off right with these refreshing beverages crafted by our experts

Bianco Paloma Photo

#1 Luxardo Bianco Paloma

Want to wow your amici with an elevated version of a summer cocktail classic? The Luxardo Bianco Paloma is your drink: adding Luxardo Maraschino to this fan-favorite will have you saying ciao to the old way of doing things. It's bright, bubbly, citrusy, and refreshing, and the perfect way to beat the heat this summer. 

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Campari Sbagliato_HR (1)
#2 Negroni Sbagliato

Negroni Sbagliato (literally meaning incorrect) came into being in the late 1980s by Mirko Stocchetti at his Bar Basso in Milan when making a Negroni: he mistakenly reached for a bottle of spumante instead of gin. This less-boozy alternative makes the perfect drink for any aperitivo.  While the Campari and Carpano Antica allow this drink to retain its classic balance of bitter and sweet, the Prosecco in this drink gives it a light and crisp quality suitable for a long afternoon in the Piazza or sitting in your backyard soaking up the sun. 

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Aperol Spritz cocktails at Eataly

#3 Classic Aperol Spritz 

Looking for a way to beat the heat? Search no further, because the arrival of summer calls for the return of this all-time classic, the Aperol Spritz. Bright, bitter, and thirst-quenching, the Aperol Spritz is low in alcohol content and bursting with flavors that will awaken your appetite. 

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#4 Italian Gin Fizz

Our bartenders put their own twist on this classic cocktail by making it with Malfy Gin Con Limone, which uses a selection of coastal Italian lemons – some from Amalfi and some from Sicilia – whose lemons are known for being vibrant in flavor and abundant in juice. Their unwaxed rinds are rich with oil, giving this cocktail an herbaceous gin a fresh and zesty aroma. 

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Ramazzotti Rosato IMG

#5 Rosato Mio

This refreshing twist on the spritz is all your summer is missing: crisp, floral, and fizzy, the Ramazzotti Rosato Mio is about to become your new summer staple. This two-ingredient cocktail epitomizes the Italian tradition of simplicity and letting high-quality ingredients speak for themselves.

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Negroni Cocktail at Eataly

#6 Negroni

No summer cocktail list would be complete without this all-time Italian classic. When made with equal parts Campari, Carpano Antica, and Malfy Gin, the Negroni strikes the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. This drink is sure to awaken your appetite, so be sure to prepare a small aperitivo to pair with this cocktail and invite some friends over, because every Negroni is a celebration. Get the recipe, and see how our bartenders prepare a Negroni in six simple steps. 

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Pallini cocktail
#7 Amalfi Breeze 

If you can't make it to the Amalfi Coast this summer, this tangy stirred cocktail is the next best thing. Thanks to the unmistakable citrusy punch of Pallini Limoncello, made with the iconic larger-than-life Sfusato lemons that grow exclusively on this famous coast, one sip will transport you to your favorite Campanian cove.

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