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The True Venetian Spritz

The True Venetian Spritz

For the ultimate taste of Venezia, reach for the sunset-colored Venetian Spritz by Select Aperitivo.

Select is a rosy Italian liqueur in the family of Aperol and Campari. While only recently introduced to the U.S., it has roots in Venezia that reach back nearly a century. The company was created in 1920 on Murano, one of the 100-plus tiny islands dotting the Venetian lagoon. Select has been a favorite among locals in the “Floating City” ever since.

With each sip, we can easily understand why. Balancing sweet and bitter, the aromatic liqueur yields complex notes of vanilla, cardamom, and ginger that are elegantly offset in a spritz (the northern Italian cocktail style typically made with Prosecco and bittersweet liqueur).

To make an authentic Venetian Spritz, pour three parts Prosecco, two parts Select, and one part soda over ice, garnish with an orange twist, and add olives (trust us, it's delicious).

One taste will instantly transport you to the canals of Venezia, where locals sip this spritz with cicchetti (small plates) during aperitivo, the beloved ritual of drinks and bites before dinner.

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