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Drink as the Romans Do

Drink as the Romans Do

The Romans have been making and drinking wine since long before togas were a thing.

Considered a daily necessity in Ancient Roma, wine crossed lines between wealthy and poor, aristocrats and peasants. Everyone drank it. A lot. With questionable water sources, wine became the main beverage of many. And as the Roman Empire expanded across modern-day Italy and Europe, so did the traditions of winemaking — an influence that is still around today.

For the next month at Eataly, we’re transforming our stores into Roma, so you can experience the Eternal City without leaving town. And when in Roma, drink as the Romans do: plenty of Roman wine! From floral whites to full-bodied reds, our vini romani will transport you to a vibrant piazza or countryside cantina with your first sip.

The volcanic hills around Lazio, the home region of Roma, offer an excellent terroir with fertile soil that nurtures ancient native grapes, like Roscetto or Cesanese. Right now, we're really into the wines from these two wineries in Lazio:


Montefiascone, 60 miles north of Roma

Falesco was founded in 1979 by brothers Renzo and Riccardo Cotarella, who wanted to restore the area’s ancient vineyards. Today, the winery is run by the third generation and maintains the brothers’ original passion for viticulture and connection to the land.

Falesco’s best-known wine, called Est! Est!! Est!!!, is typical of Lazio with Trebbiano, Malvasia, and Roscetto grapes. The aromatic white wine is named from the local legend of Bishop Johannes Defuk, whose butler signified good wine with the phrase “Est.” When he discovered the phenomenal wine of Montefiascone, he wrote Est! Est!! Est!!!


Agro Pontino Valley, 30 miles south of Roma

Created in 1967 by Berardino Santarelli, Casale del Giglio follows the philosophy that the future of Roman winemaking depends on combining traditional techniques with innovative technology and in nontraditional areas.

The winery describes its flagship wine, the red Mater Matuta (a Syrah with Petit Verdot), as "a proud thoroughbred, full-bodied, silky, and seductive on the palate with aromas of woodland fruits, coffee beans and spice."



Taste and compare the wineries’ vintages made from indigenous varieties grown in the same vineyards first tilled by the Ancient Romans to more modern blends the wine shop at your local Eataly.