Pesce d’Aprile

Pesce d’Aprile

Happy April Fools’ Day! As Italians, we love mischief, too. From tripped doorways to invented dating apps, pranks run rampant for Pesce d’Aprile, or “April fish.”

The name for this impish day traces back to our most beloved practical joke. When we’re younger, Italian bambini traditionally cut out paper fishes and tape them to our schoolmates’ backs. The longer our victims are in the dark, the more we laugh – often unknowingly with our own new fishy friend looking over our shoulder. We all become April fishes!

Today, Italian newspapers, companies, and even government officials get up to increasingly creative antics on April Fools’ Day. In 2001, La Repubblica shared a Finnish study on the possibility of telepathy; in 2016, some of you may have arrived at this very page looking for your match in culinary heaven.

App or no app, culinary love you shall have! Even without MangiAmi, we want to give you something – all jokes aside. This weekend only, shop for your favorite food and drink on our website, and we’ll give you 20% off. Simply enter promo code PESCEDAPRILE20 at checkout.*

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