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La Festa di San Giovanni

La Festa di San Giovanni

Buona Festa di San Giovanni! Commemorating St. John the Baptist, this ancient holiday corresponds with the summer solstice, a feast day dating back thousands of years. Today, June 24 remains a festive public holiday in the cities of Torino, Genova, and Firenze. Many businesses are closed, and the streets come alive with celebration.

In the northern cities, Torino and Genova, the festivities span from St. John’s Eve on June 23 through the evening of June 24. Across the cities, St. John is honored with parades, live music, sporting events, fireworks, bonfires, and – our favorite – feasts!

As the patron saint of Firenze, St. John is celebrated with a vibrant parade to the city center's iconic baptistery (Il Battistero di San Giovanni, dedicated to the saint, pictured above), followed by a solemn mass. In the afternoon, citizens gather in the Piazza Santa Croce, which is transformed into a stadium for calcio storico fiorentino, an almost theatrical soccer match played in full medieval costume. That evening, the holiday concludes with fireworks over the Arno river – while eating gelato, of course!

At Eataly, we can get on board with these traditions. Join us for a gelato, and raise a cone to San Giovanni!

gelato gigante

Buona Festa di San Giovanni!