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Meet Botter

Meet Botter

At Eataly, we are so proud to share the stories of our producers - including the ones behind our Italian wine labels, like Botter. This family-run company boasts long standing winemaking traditions dating back to almost a century. Read on to discover their story.


Botter was founded by Carlo Botter and his wife Maria in 1928 in Fossalta di Piave, a small town near Venice, Italy. They started off as a small business selling local wines in barrels and demijohns. Since then, it has been guided by the careful hands of three generations for whom wine has always symbolized passion as well as talent and creativity.



In the 60', the Botter family began boosting the company's presence on the Italian market and – most importantly – gave life to a gradual process of expansion throughout other countries, being able to keep up with the growing international market and expand its range, with some Veneto wines coming from the family vineyards, located near Treviso.

The multi-territorial approach later developed led the family to collaborate with local producers all over Italy, allowing the company to offer a wide range of products made with grapes from native vines, from Northern to Southern of the country.


More than 90 years later, Botter is one of the largest producers and exporters of Italian wines: 1 out of 35 bottles of Italian wine exported to the world is produced by Botter. Luca, Annalisa and Alessandro Botter - who represent the third generation of the family - lead the company, integrating their almost centenary traditions with a new vision focused on future, innovation and sustainability.



Now that you know the story, are you ready for a glass of vino? Our beverage experts love a bottle of Gran Passione Rosso Veneto IGT.

This wine was born out of a desire to celebrate Veneto's long-standing winemaking tradition, its history, culture and surprisingly high variety of styles. This earthy red is a blend of the indigenous variety Corvina, from vineyards in the eastern part of Veneto, and Merlot, from the western part of the region. Not only does the blend create a complex, unique structure on the wine  but symbolizes the devotion to Botter’s family work to honor their territory.

Deep red in color, Gran Passione Rosso should be sipped and savored slowly in front of the fire during the colder season or should accompany summer BBQ nights splendidly. The perfect balance of tannins and acidity, together with red fruit flavors and notes of spices and vanilla, makes it a perfect pair for rich dishes like roasts, grilled meats, game dishes, and aged cheeses.

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