'Hearts Aflutter' Organic Chocolate Collection in Box 3.2 oz

'Hearts Aflutter' Organic Chocolate Collection in Box 3.2 oz

Lake Champlain

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Packed in a beautiful red box with a Penguin illustration, the 'Hearts Aflutter' Organic Chocolate Collection in Box from Lake Champlain will get any chocolate lover's wings flapping! The 'Hearts Aflutter' is filled with delicious, all-organic, chocolate hearts, sumptuous caramels, and classic peanut butter and chocolate treats, that will make a loved one's heart flutter.

The box contains 9 chocolates; 1 Peanut Butter Sensation, 1 Salted Caramel Latte Heart, 1 Milk Chocolate Heart, 2 Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Hearts, 2 Dark Chocolate Hearts, 1 Salted Caramel Sensations, 1 Milk Caramel Heart.

Perfect on their own, or enjoy them with coffee, tea, cappuccino, or red wine.

Lake Champlain is a Vermont family company producing high-quality chocolates with fresh, local ingredients, free of preservatives, extenders, or additives, and 100% non-GMO and fair trade chocolate. Now a multi-generation family enterprise, Lake Champlain was started in 1983 as a dare. In fact, every holiday season Jim Lampman would gift fancy chocolates to his staff at the Ice House Restaurant in Burlington. One year, the pastry chef confessed that the chocolates were just mediocre, so Jim dared him to make something better. Just like that, Jim and the chef began making the hand-rolled, creamy truffles, that set the foundation for Lake Champlain. From that day onward, Lake Champlain has been dedicated to offering high-quality, delicious Vermont chocolates. 

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