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La Pizza & La Pasta

La Pizza & La Pasta


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While pizza and pasta are just the tip of the Italian (and Eatalian) iceberg, there is a reason these two culinary staples are the most beloved exports from Italy.

Filled with key ingredients, La Pizza & La Pasta will give you the tools to sling dough and stir sauces with the best of the Italian chefs!

This collection includes: Spaghettoni by Afeltra, Kamut Fusilli by Felicetti, Aromatic Pizza Sauce with Spices by Mutti, Tomato Hot Pepper Sauce by Il Mongetto, Nerone Black Rice by Belvedere, Robusto Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Corona delle Puglie, Mandarin Red Pepper Salt by Il Mercante di Spezie, and a signature Eataly gift box.
Sku K2004142
Producer Eataly