KIDS Pasta Making Class

Silicon Valley

March 9, 2024
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Our bambini shouldn't be left out of the fun in cooking, especially for an opportunity to play with their food! In La Cucina dei Bambini, the kids will explore the world of artisanal pasta. We believe that good food brings people together in every way, so for this special class, Bring Your Parent to La Scuola: Pasta class, we are calling out for smaller chefs (children ages 6 to 12) and their parents to La Scuola, our kitchen. This is a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together and discover the world of pasta. Together learn about seasonal ingredients, the essence of Italian regional cuisine and new foods to open their horizons. Not to mention, participate in chef's workshop to work together to create your own pasta: mix the ingredients, practice kneading techniques and form pasta shapes. Enjoy a fresh pasta meal together prepared by Chef. Invite your bambini to partake in the pasta party in La Scuola and maybe they will be the ones cooking your next pasta dinner with you, or for you.

Please note, if you or your bambino have any celiac allergy, we are happy to accommodate the request and serve a gluten-free pasta. However, the hands-on activity cannot be modified during this class. Trace amounts of gluten may be present, it is not certified for celiac disease. Please contact the Scuola Team with any questions by e-mailing us at

-  Each ticket includes registration for one adult and one child. This class is meant for the kids only in the age range of 6-12
-  If you would like to add another parent to the reservation please contact the Scuola Team at
-  No physical tickets are required, all tickets will be sent via e-mail and be presented at the door to check-in for the class.
-  Pricing is inclusive of service and exclusive of San Jose sales tax.
-  Please notify us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. Contact the Scuola Team at if you have questions or concerns. If we are not notified ahead of time of any special needs, we may not be able to accommodate them.


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