Insalata di Riso

Insalata di Riso


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Looking for a quick lunch recipe? Try Insalata di Riso, or Italian Rice Salad!

An Italian staple for a lunch on the go, insalata di riso calls for simple, high-quality ingredients to make the most savory of dishes. Just mix cooked rice, tuna, olive oil, and your choice of condiments, like olives and peppers. Let it cool, and enjoy it right out the fridge. Take it with you during your next picnic outing or an office lunch like a true Italian.

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Producer Eataly
  • 1 x Delicato Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz - Corona Delle Puglie
  • 1 x Venere Black Rice 17.6 oz - Riso del Falasco
  • 1 x Sweet & Sour Peppers 12.35 oz - Ponti
  • 1 x Small Artichokes with Herbs in Oil - Ponti
  • 1 x Tuna in Olive OIl 2*5.6oz - Callipo
  • 1 x Carnaroli Rice 35.3 oz - Riso del Falasco
  • 1 x Balsamic Vinegar Glaze of Modena 8.8 oz - Ponti
  • 1 x Classic Tarallini Crackers 8.1 oz - Terre di Puglia