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When in Portofino

When in Portofino


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Perched along the Italian Riviera, Portofino is an impossibly charming fishing village beloved for its colorful houses, seaside views, and fresh food and drink. The local cuisine is based on light and readily-available ingredients, from extra virgin olive oil to basil to pine nuts. Overflowing with these typical local products, this gift basket will transport the lucky recipient to Portofino.

Hand-packed in a signature Eataly gift basket, the gift box includes:
Alta Valle Scrivia Croxetti Pasta (17.6 oz), Alta Valle Scrivia Lasagnette Ricce (17.6 oz), Niasca Portofino Tomato Passata (24.33 oz), Niasca Portofino Lemon Jam (3.58 oz), Niasca Portofino Splendido Extra Virgin Olive Oil (8.45 oz), Niasca Portofino Ligurian Pesto with Garlic (6.35 oz), Grondona Pandolcino Cookies (3.5 oz), Grondona Canestrelli Cookies (3.5 oz), and Niasca Portofino Festivo Portofino Soda (8.45 oz).

Size: 15 in L x 13 in W x 7 in H

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Sku 2024756
Producer Eataly
Produced in Italy