Hands-On Pasta Making Class | The Art of Tagliolini Pasta with Carbonara


October 7, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:45 PM

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Nota bene: This is an in-person class. Each ticket purchase is intended for one person. If you wish to be seated with another ticket-holder, please let our team know when calling to confirm your reservation. Please note we cannot accommodate additional guests within your group, who do not already have purchased tickets to the class. We reserve the right to refuse additional guests who have not purchased a ticket prior to arriving to the class. We do not allow guests to stand, sit and/or watch in a class without a purchased ticket. Please direct all additional questions to eda-lascuola@eataly.com.


Ready to learn the secrets of some of our most popular recipes? Join our Scuola Chef for this Tagliolini pasta making class accompanied with our traditional sauce. This hands-on pasta making class is perfect for those looking to create some of the finest Italian cuisine with the guidiance of our Scuola Chef. Enjoy two glasses of wine as the Eataly Scuola Chef guides you through the recipes, and offering pro-tips for the best final result. This Northtern Style Hands-On Pasta Making class will include 00 Flour and Eggs. For any dietary restrictions throughout the entire experience please ensure to email eda-lascuola@eataly.com, prior ot the class date. We are not able to guarantee accomodations the day of. 

Join us at La Scuola di Eataly Dallas as we enjoy a Hands-On Pasta Making Class discovering The Art of Tagliolini Pasta. In this class, guests will:

  • Be greeted with a formaggi & charcuterie board, please note this does include pork
  • Create their own pasta dough and shape with the guidance of our Scuola Chef. Each guest will have their own ingrdients
  • Enjoy a Tagliolini dish followed by a light dessert. Main dish served will be Tagliolini Carbonara, please note this dish contains pork
  • Sip Italian wine paired perfectly to the pasta
  • Take home with you the recipe card and tasting notes
  • Make new friends!

*Participants must be 21 years or older to purchase and consume alcohol

Nota Bene:

  • Sign-ups for this class will close two days before the class by noon
  • Class duration is approximate and may vary additionally by 10-15 minutes.
  • Guests below the age of 21 are welcomed to attend, and non alcoholic options will be provided to them

Interested in hosting a private La Scuola class? Contact us at eda-lascuola@eataly.com  for more information.


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