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Truffle Revelation

Truffle Revelation


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For a dash of decadence, we love to shave aromatic truffles over our pasta; for a rush of romance, we know that a rich chocolate truffle does the trick. This holiday season, Eataly is combining these sweet and savory indulgences with a gift box replete with 12 styles of truffle.

The ultimate luxury gift, Truffle Revelation is for those who enjoy the finer flavors in life.

Hand-packed in a signature Eataly gift box, this collection includes: Artichoke & Truffles by Urbani, White Truffles & Mushroom by Urbani,  Risotto With Truffle by Tartuflanghe,  Cream Of Parmigiano Reggiano With Truffles by Tartuflanghe, White Truffle Sauce by Melchiorri,  Salt With White Truffle by Urbani,  Parmigiano Reggiano Cream by Tartuflanghe,  Mushrooms & Truffle Sauce by Urbani,  Choc With Alba Truffles by Tartuflanghe,  Matt Tagliatelle by Monograno, Tagliatelle #19 W/Truffles by Tartuflanghe, Choc With Black Truffle by Urbani and a Sweet Truffles by Torr Marti. 
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