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Ribbons and wheels, bowties and butterflies — Italy has hundreds of shapes of pasta, each with its own unique history, texture, and place on the dinner table. Hand-packed with 15 varieties, this gift box opens the door to regional pasta dishes.

The Pastapedia will take any pasta lover on a culinary journey across Italy through their favorite ingredient.

Hand-packed in a signature Eataly gift box, this collection includes: Spaghettini by Afeltra, Bianca Linguine Pasta by Afeltra, Rigorosa Penne Rigate by Rigorosa, Fusilli Con Buco by Il Pastatio Di Gragnano, Pappardelle by Garofalo, Matt Spaghettone by Monograno Felicetti, Toasted Fregola by San Giuliano, Lasagne by Alta Valle Scrivia, Composit Tongs by Paderno, Spaghetti Tonnarelli by Pastificio Morelli, Malloreddus Medium by Casa Del Grano, Orecchiette Pasta by Agricola Del Sole, Trofiette Pasta by Santa Rita, Tagliatelle Otto File by Antignano, Fettuccine by La Campofilone and a Morelli Linguine with Red Chili by Pastificio. 
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