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Meet Tartuflanghe

Meet Tartuflanghe


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Since 1968, Tartuflanghe founders Domenica and Beppe have been selling fresh truffle products from Piemonte. Beppe's traditional Piemontese recipes have since enabled the company to become a trusted name in the specialized high-quality food market, both in Italy and the U.S.

This curated collection of lets you unearth a world of truffle-infused delights from savory to sweet. From classic condiments like mustard, olive oil, and honey enriched with fragrant white truffles to pasta, risotto, and sauces flavored with tartufi, Tartuflanghe's variety of products help you enjoy a taste of this prized tuber at any meal. Then finish off your truffle-inspired meal with sweet chocolate truffles for a truly decadent evening. 

Explore the world of tartufi bianchi d'Alba, or white truffles from Alba, on Eataly Magazine to learn more about this Italian treasure! 

Tartuflanghe - Acacia Honey with White Truffle Slices
Tartuflanghe - Tartufissima Tagliatelle Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms and Truffles
Tartuflanghe - Trifulòt White Chocolate Truffle
Tartuflanghe - Tartufissima #18 Tagliatelle all'Uovo Pasta with Truffles 

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