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Linguine al Pesto

Linguine al Pesto


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Created in Genova, pesto is made with freshly-ground basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, and sea salt. The sauce pairs well with the long, flat, and narrow strands of linguine, which pick up pesto’s fine consistency. Simple to make, Linguine al Pesto will instantly transport your table to summer in Liguria.

Afeltra - Linguine 35.3oz
Niasca Portofino - Ligurian Pesto & Tomato Sauce 10.62oz
Niasca Portofino - Ligurian Pesto with Garlic 6.35oz
Niasca Portofino - Nazionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8.45oz
Salina di Cervia - Cooking Sea Salt 10.58oz

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