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Modica Chocolate with Mandarin Orange 1.76 oz

Modica Chocolate with Mandarin Orange 1.76 oz


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This Modica Chocolate Bar with Mandarin Orange is made with the mandarin of Ciaculli that gets its name from the area where this rare variety of citrus was first discovered. This mandarin has a strong aroma that marries perfectly with the intensely dark Modica chocolate. Cioccolato di Modica, or Modica chocolate, is a specialty chocolate typical of Modica, Sicilia, and is characterized by a traditional recipe that gives the chocolate a uniquely grainy texture.

Perfect with an afternoon coffee or tea, as well as with a glass of red wine.

Sabadi is dedicated to using only the finest raw ingredients in making their chocolate, and they use a cold grinding process to preserve all the nutritional and aromatic properties of the cocoa.

Sku 516622
Producer Sabadì
Produced in Italy
State/Province Sicily
Size 1.76 oz