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White Truffles & Porcini Mushrooms, 370 gr

White Truffles & Porcini Mushrooms, 370 gr


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Urbani Tartufi, the most esteemed truffle distributor in the world, is led by Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendant brothers of the name founders. With distribution centers on multiple continents, Urbani lives up to its motto, “All over the world, the word for truffles is Urbani.” Trusted with more than 70% of European fresh truffle sales, Urbani is unrivaled in the distribution of this admired tuber. admired tuber and related pantry products.

Urbani's Porcini and Truffles Sauce combines prized porcini mushrooms with pungent truffles for a creamy and decadent dish, so you can enjoy the prized tubers all year round.

Warm up and spread on toasted bread for a classic Umbrian bruschetta, or add it to your next pasta or meat dish.
Sku 507635
Producer Urbani
Produced in Italy
State/Province Umbria