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Eataly Boston

Eataly Boston


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Eataly is proud to have its first New England store be in the historic Back Bay neighborhood in the heart of Boston!
Now, you can enjoy the Eataly Boston experience without leaving home. Available only online, the Eataly Boston gift box will introduce you to artisanal pasta air dried in the Mediterranean breeze, sun-warmed tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil of Mt. Vesuvio, high-quality extra virgin olive oil from seaside Liguria, and more. Experience the tastes of Eataly - and Italy - delivered to your door.
This gift box includes: Sun Dried Tomatoes Cream - Roi; Extra Virgin Olive Oil de'Coppini - Coppini Arte Olearia; Tripani Sea Salt - Il Mercante Di Spezie; Corzetti Pasta - Alta Valle Scrivia; Spaghettoni - Il Pastaio Di Gragnano; Tajarin Otto File - Antignano; Norma Tomato Sauce - Agromonte; and an Eataly - Premium Gift Box.


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