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Meet Niasca Portofino

Meet Niasca Portofino

Niasca Portofino

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Based in Liguria, the Niasca Portofino project aims to convey the beauty of Portofino and its bountiful products by restoring local traditions and abandoned lands. By doing so, they are able to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, which in turn helps the Portofino community and environment. 

Filled with our favorite fresh flavors from Liguria, this gift box makes a unique gift for a fellow food lover (or pantry filler for yourself!). 

This collection includes Niasca Portofino: Festivo Portofino Soda, Nazionale Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ligurian Pestos, Tomato & Vegetable Sauce and a signature Eataly gift box.
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Producer Niasca Portofino