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Mediterranean Citrus

Mediterranean Citrus


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The Italian coasts are celebrated for their abundance of lemons and oranges. Enjoy a taste of the seaside by tasting Leone’s fragrant lemon candies, spreading Scyavuru’s orange marmalade, or drizzling Villa Manodori’s lemon oil over a sweet or savory dish.

Niasca Portofino - Orange Marmalade 3.58 oz
Leone - Lemon Cadies Box 1.1 oz
Scyavuru - Orange Marmalade 8.1 oz
Niasca Portofino - Lemon Marmalade 7.17 oz
Villa Manodori - Essenziale Lemon Olive Oil 250ml
Eataly - Premium Gift box

Sku K2000080
Producer Eataly