Gelato Festa

NYC Downtown

August 11, 2023
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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Ready for all your gelato dreams to come true? We're hosting a Gelato festival at Eataly Downtown. That's right! From 3 to 6 p.m., explore ten stations spread across the entire store, with frozen favorites including classic gelato, boozy sorbetto, savory gelato, sweet focaccia with gelato and exclusive flavors not normally found at Eataly Downtown. Taste the frozen treats and glory in the season.

Admission to Gelato Fest is free. (RSVP is encouraged) Each Gelato Station requires a ticket for tasting. Tickets can be purchased onsite.  

One ticket = $5

5 tickets = $20

14 tickets = $40 (taste all the Gelato!)


During the event, guests will enjoy:

1. FLOAT: Try this exotic pairing to cool off the New York Summer heat. Classic S. Pellegrino Arancia with a scoop of Mango sorbet, or Vanilla gelato with Mole Cola to experience the ultimate gelato float! 1 Ticket

2. PROSCIUTTO & MELONE: When it comes to surprising combinations, nothing works better than the iconic combination of sweet and salty! Surprise your palate with delicious Ferrarini Prosciutto di Parma DOP paired with our melon sorbetto. 1 Ticket

3. FRAGOLA & ACETO BALSAMICO: Have you ever tried strawberry sorbetto topped with Acetaia Giusti balsamic vinegar glaze? These sweet and acidic flavors mix to create a surprising effect for your palate. 1 Ticket

4.GELATO & FOCACCIA: Baked fresh daily, our authentic focaccia is usually topped with a variety of high-quality and simple seasonal ingredients. For this event, Eataly artisans will bake a fresh, sweet focaccia to pair with housemade mixed berries sorbet. 1 Ticket

5. NEW YORK: In honor of the occasion, our expert pastry chefs have developed a specialty flavor for the city, combining all temptations in one cup. The New York Gelato combines simplicity and local favorites with Vanilla Gelato topped with espresso Loacker, or Tiramisu Gelato topped with Vanilla Loacker.  2 Tickets

6. NOCCIOLA & VENCHI GIANDUJA: Gelato and Venchi gianduja together are unstoppable. Indulge with hazelnut gelato topped with delicious Venchi gianduja spread for the ultimate Italian sundae. 1 Ticket

7. MARITOZZO & GELATO: A beloved Italian pastry, Maritozzo is a fluffy pillow of sweet dough typically filled with delicious cream. Taste a small treat with a big surprise inside: a Maritozzo filled with Fabbri amarena gelato - a treat you cannot miss! 1 Ticket


9. ROSE SORBETTO. 2 Tickets





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