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Siberian Sturgeon 28.5 Grams/1oz

Siberian Sturgeon 28.5 Grams/1oz


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The story of Calvisius begins with in the small town of Calvisano, situated between Venezia and Milano. There, you will find Agroittica Lombarda, the most prolific caviar farm in the world, producing 25 tons of eggs per year. This project of farming endangered fish in fresh water began in collaboration with the University of California: Davis and a Pacific species of White Sturgeon.

The classic Siberian Caviar is found in the Azov Sea in southeastern Europe. Made with 100% Malossal, only 3% salt is added.

Smooth, firm, and consistent in texture, this caviar is bold and full of flavor, lightly salted with aromatic hints of dried fruit. In color, it ranges from dark grey to pale brown.

Sku CAV008
Producer Calvisius