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Meet Il Boschetto

Meet Il Boschetto


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Located in a medieval Tuscan village, Il Boschetto creates innovative spice mixes. Sea salt collected off the Tyrrhenian coast is paired with local herbs and spices, making flavorful additions to vegetable dishes, baked meats, and beyond.

Explore all the flavors of Toscana with our gift box full of Il Boschetto's spiced sea salt mixes, from the peppery Arrabbiata to the citrus-infused Pepato.

This gift box includes: Arrabbiata Sea Salt Mix, Mediterranean Sea Salt Mix, Grilling Sea Salt Mix, Marinara Sea Salt Mix, Pepato Citrus Sea Salt Mix, and a signature Eataly gift box.
Sku K2000855
Producer Eataly
  • 1 x Pepato Citrus Sea Salt Mix 7.1 oz - Il Boschetto
  • 1 x Medium Brown Gift Wrapping - Eataly