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Fresh Black Winter Truffles 2 oz

Fresh Black Winter Truffles 2 oz


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Urbani Tartufi, the most esteemed truffle distributor in the world, is led by Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendant brothers of the founders. Today, Urbani still works directly with local truffle hunters who are connected to the land. Following ancient traditions, they hunt the truffles in the forests of central and northern Italy with trained dogs. 
Found as deep as two feet underground, the aromatic black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum vitt) grows near oak and hazel trees in the picturesque central region of Umbria. Among truffles, it's known for its earthy, robust flavors.  
In Umbria, black truffles are traditionally served in salsa alla spoletina: minced and added to warm olive oil with a touch of garlic, salt, and pepper. This earthy, aromatic sauce is the perfect addition to a simple dish; you can also shave your fresh truffle over pasta, risotto, egg, or meat.
*We want your truffles to be as fresh as possible for your table! So, if you place an order for truffles by 4 p.m. E.S.T. Monday through Thursday, your truffles will be shipped express the same day with guaranteed delivery the next day. Truffles ordered after 4 p.m. Thursday will ship the following Monday. Fresh truffle purchases are final and non-refundable.

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Sku 506691B
Producer Urbani
Size 2 oz
Season Winter