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Exceptional Flavors

Exceptional Flavors


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Looking for the best of Italian flavors? This curated bundle is ideal for anyone who enjoys cooking, with plenty of Pasta and Sauces, delicious appetizers, and sweets. Use all the ingredients for your next Sunday meal or barbeque, and save the chocolate for dessert! 

This bundle includes: Il Boschetto Barbeque Spice Mix with Grinder 3.52 oz, Salina Di Cervia Sea Salt in Juta Bag 10.58 oz, Le Tamerici Campanine Apple Mostarda 4.2 oz, Riviera Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 oz, Urbani Tomato & Truffle Sauce 13.05 oz; Porcini Mushroom Sauce, Agostino Recca Capers in Salt 2.2 oz, Agostino Recca Anchovies in Olive Oil 3.17 oz, Parmigiano Reggiano and Truffle Cream Sauce 6.7oz, Antonella Tomato Puree 24 oz, Rigorosa Spaghetti 17.6 oz, Tagliatelle Pasta 8.8 oz, Antica Bronte Dolceria Pistachio Crunchy Bar 2.1 oz .

Sku K2022870
Producer Eataly
Produced in Italy