Il Buon Condimento Balsamic 8.5oz

Il Buon Condimento Balsamic 8.5oz

Acetaia Dodi

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Since 1891, wooden casks for aging prized balsamic vinegar have been gifted from generation to generation of the Dodi family. Today, Dodi is synonymous with balsamic in Reggio-Emilia and across Italy. 

Il Buon Condimento is a unique balsamic vinegar with an unforgettable flavor. The condiment embodies the simplicity of the past, combined with the refinement of a very high quality product. Obtained from the careful marriage of cooked must and wine vinegar, left to age five  years in barrels made of precious wood and lovingly cared for over the years, according to the traditions of the Dodi family.

The vinegar boasts a relatively high degree of acidity and a distinct flavor that lends a light and discreet taste to various uses. It's best enjoyed drizzled raw over salads, raw vegetable dips, and salumi,  in addition as a perfect base when cooking game and poultry. 
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Producer Acetaia Dodi