Ottobratico Slow Food Presidia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 oz

Ottobratico Slow Food Presidia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 oz

Olearia San Giorgio

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The Ottobratico Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olearia San Giorgio is produced from by hand-picked and cold-pressed Ottobratica olives from their olive groves in the southern region of Calabria. The aroma has a persistent fruitiness with strong notes of fresh grass, hints of thistle, ripe golden apple and delicate undergrowth tones. On the palate, the extra virgin olive oil is well balanced with light tones of bitterness and more pronounced spicy notes. It closes with a hint of field grass vegetables.

Olive Varieties: 100% Ottombratica (monocultivar). This olive tree is a Slow Food Presidia.

Pairing ideas: Bread, salad, grilled meats, seafood and legumes.

In the towns of San Giorgio Morgeto and Cittanova in the southern Italian region of Calabria, the Fazari family has been dedicated to high quality extra virgin olive oil production since 1940. They have 25,000 old olive trees in San Giorgio Morgeto and Cittanova where each season they hand pick the olives and cold press them in their olive oil mill.

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Producer Olearia San Giorgio