Giarraffa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 oz

Giarraffa Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.4 oz


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The Giarraffa Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Mandranova is obtained exclusively by a careful selection of Giarraffa olives during the first ten days of September. This unique Sicilian monocultivar extra virgin olive oil has a light fruitiness with a taste of fruit, basil and lettuce. The Mandranova Giarraffa is a sweet extra virgin olive oil with light bitterness and peppery after taste.

Olive Varieties: 100% Giarraffa (monocultivar)

Pairing ideas: fish, carpaccio, green salads, white meat, fresh cheeses, and even for baking cakes.

The Mandranova estate is set on a picturesque farm on the western coast of Sicilia near Agrigento. Giuseppe and Silvia Di Vincenzo are at the helm, and only produce monocultivar oils, meaning that each of their four award-winning oils is made using only one variety of olive. The trees on their estate are over 100 years old, and each bottle of extra virgin olive oil is hand numbered.

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Producer Mandranova