Frienn Frying Sunflower Oil 33.8 oz

Frienn Frying Sunflower Oil 33.8 oz


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Frienn Frying Sunflower Oil from Olitalia is an excellent oil to use when deep frying at high temperatures. This oil guarantees professional frying performance for crispy and appetizing food. Its smoke point is among the highest of the oils on the market.

Ingredients: 100% Sunflower Oil. Frienn is totally palm oil free. It contains only high oleic sunflower oil, that is naturally rich in oleic acid (80%) compared with the most common sunflower oil (25%). Presence of antioxidants and vitamin E.

Pairing ideas: use this sunflower oil to deep fry your favorite foods!

For over 30 years, Olitalia has been synonymous with goodness and quality. The company takes care of the entire production of oils and vinegars with a careful eye on the process from raw material to finished product to offer only the best possible products. In summer 2019, Eataly started to partner with Olitalia. Today, in every Eataly store we only use Olitalia extra virgin olive oils and sunflower oils to cook and fry. In the restaurant, we offer Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selezione ORO for dipping our Eataly Rustic bread.

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