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Located in the heart of the fertile Po Valley, Emilia-Romagna is celebrated for its medieval cities, scenic landscapes, and rich culinary legacy. Bologna, the vibrant capital, brings extra flavor to the northern Italian region with specialties like bolognese, a hearty meat ragù.

This gift box will transport the lucky recipient to Emilia-Romagna with ingredients needed to make a traditional tagliatelle alla bolognese — with room for dessert. 

This collection includes: Balsamic di Modena Condiment by Acetaia Dodi, Ancient Orcio Olive Oil by Coppini, Cooking Sea Salt by Sale Cervia, Ragu’ Bolognese by Amerigo, Chocolate Spread by Babbi, Fettucine Egg Pasta by Barilla, and a signature Eataly gift box. *

*Please note that products may vary slightly according to availability. 

Download our recipe for Pasta alla Bolognese!
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