When in Sardegna

When in Sardegna


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An ancient island off the Mediterranean coast of Italy, Sardegna boasts a rich cultural legacy spelled out in Roman ruins, golden fortresses, and olive trees. Today, time-tested culinary traditions are still honored, resulting in world-renowned olive oil, fregola (small toasted balls of pasta), and paper-thin crispbread - all packed in this beautiful When in Sardegna gift box.

Hand-packed in a signature Eataly gift basket, gift includes:
Alta Valle Scrivia Durum Malloreddus Pasta 17.6 oz, Cherchi Pergamena di Pane Guttiau Crispbread 3.5 oz, San Giulliano Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 oz, San Giuliano Black Olives Spread 6.3 oz, San Giuliano Toasted Fregola 17.6 oz, San Giuliano Artichoke Spread 4.6 oz, Antonella Fine Crushed Tomatoes 14 oz, Tipico Savoiardone Ladyfingers 8.1 oz.

Size: 15 in L x 13 in W x 7 in H

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