The Best of Eataly

The Best of Eataly


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Perhaps you’re looking to impress your in-laws, or maybe you need a reason to treat yourself: whatever the reason–look no further than our Best of Eataly gift box. Because who needs chestnuts on an open fire when you have pistachio pesto and Bluefin Tuna Bottarga?

Hand-packed in a signature Eataly gift basket, gift includes:
Scyavuru Pistachio Pesto Sauce 6.3 oz, Dell'Isola Grated Bottarga 2 oz, Muraglia Intenso Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ceramic Bottle 16.5 oz, Caffarel Salted Almond White Chocolate 5 oz, Lavazza Kafa Forest Coffee 1.1LB, Mieli Thun Italian Wild Flower Honey 14.1 oz, Sorelle Nurzia Aquilano 16.6 oz, Acetaia Giusti Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP Aged 25+ years 3.3 oz, Afeltra Spaghetti 17.6 oz.

Size: 23 in L x 14 in W x 12 in H

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